Hawk Ridge

is situated on over 390 acres of abundant ponds, mature forests, bentgrass fairways and a lifestyle community that is second to none.


1151 Hurlwood Lane, Orillia, Ontario See all courses in BruceGreySimcoe


Lou Orsi, Founder of Hawk Ridge, is a true ‘duffer’ when it comes to golf. Although golf may not be his primary game, Lou is a visionary and is all about developing and building on dreams.

The idea of an Orillia premiere golf course was not initially Lou’s, but of another duffer, the late Jack Hurl. Jack, a prominent dairy farmer in the Orillia area, dreamed of having a golf course on his farm. His dream, however, missed the green…that is until he met Lou.

Lou, who had never played a game of golf in his life, bought into Jack’s dream and quickly got started with his landscaping tools to create what you see today… a magnificent golf course and country club with an exclusive estate subdivision nestled in the middle of it.

Lou continues to develop many dreams outside of golf and relies on his family, namely his daughter Lina and son in-law Peter Manna, to keep Hawk Ridge front of mind when it comes to quality golf and special events. Whether it’s enjoying a game of golf; tournament golf; fund-raising events; weddings or other celebrations, Lou is proud that Hawk Ridge is recognized for offering great value for money. Come and see for yourself all that Hawk Ridge has to offer.

The next time you are out enjoying a golf day or a celebration at Hawk Ridge, remember dreams can become reality… even in the most unlikely chances… just like golf!

Hawk Ridge

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