Buddies Trip Captain


Phoenix, Arizona
January 14, 2021


My T.O. buddies and I try and get away a few times each summer to check out somewhere new, so we added Windsor to our “why don’t we try that out” list.

Ambassador was AWESOME! A very cool, open (minus the fescue) design that is a sweet spot for match play.  Greens were SO fast and playing back and forth down wind and into the wind proved to be a challenging but a hilariously fun experience.

Stocked with plenty of local brews, the driveable par 4 15th was down wind and we all gave it a rip (after arguing amongst each other and moving up 1 tee box at the price of $10 to a skins pot).

A couple snacks post round on the patio and an “emergency 9” holes at dusk as a 6some was exactly what we were looking for when picking Windsor.

Don’t sell Windsor short, they have been strapped with Covid restrictions but the courses are very fun layouts and there’s enough 19th hole activities to satisfy any golf groups appetite.