Buddies Trip Captain


Phoenix, Arizona
October 18, 2021


1) BOOK EARLY! If this past year has proven anything, it’s that the golf world everywhere is busy.  People get upset when they can’t get what they want, but the truth of the matter is you need to plan.
2) Value the experience.  I tend to skew towards a better experience than a better golf course.  I’ll gladly pay my money for a course that is friendly, gets people around quickly and leaves people happy.  Too many courses leave people frustrated.

3) Golf prices most likely will go up.  Golf is busy, which means pricing is going to change.  Discounts and discounters are less and less, keep that in mind when you see that $150 tee time….supply and demand.

4) Hotel prices are going up.  Hotels were KILLED during Covid.  The answer to that is NOT discounting your product, it’s creating higher yields and higher prices.  The travel world is changing.

5) Try a new destination.  We are creatures of habit, we like what we like.  We have a ton of options available to us and sometimes we still go back to “ol’ reliable”.  Try something new, be open minded and experience different things.

Happy off season!