Buddies Trip Captain


Phoenix, Arizona
August 2, 2021
1) Reasonable golf prices in comparison to quality of golf.
– Okay, if Black Bear Ridge was in the east end of Toronto or North of the city it’s $150+….but the best part?  It’s not. The place is unreal, always in great shape, sometimes slow (but that’s understandable because it’s AWESOME) and the staff is the best.  Groups love this place and they offer an awesome REPLAY rate which is perfect because you need to play this place more than once
2) You always need a Batman to your Robin.
– In this case, there are multiple Robins and some argue even more than 1 Batman.  Trillium Wood, Bay of Quinte CC and Timber Ridge are almost like a 1B, 1C and 1D.  Depending on the day, you might have all of them as your favourite course in the area
3) It’s low key and relaxed.
– Bellevegas as my friend DGG calls it is growing, but still is a super laid back spot.  They have an awesome brewery scene, good restaurants and great spots to just hang after being out on the course
4) Hotel proximity/pricing
– Yes, all prices for hotels in the world have gone up but the Best Western and Townplace are AWESOME for the price point.   Location, Location, Location and these spots are the best for that.
5) It’s not TOO far.
– Some places are a grind to get to.  But, Bellevegas is smack dab in the middle of Ottawa and Toronto so makes for a great middle spot and you just aren’t going to pay outrageous prices for the weekend.
A MUST DO for all guys looking for something different in Ontario.