Collingwood, Ontario
February 24, 2021


Batteaux Creek is beautiful and unforgiving for the wandering tee shots.

With a barn board clad pro-shop to greet you atop the highest point on the course it’s not hard to imagine the sprawling, working farm it once was with a perfect view of the Niagara Escarpment. But do not be deceived. This isn’t another plain old farm conversion. Thoughtful design and 5 tee decks make this a course all golfers can enjoy regardless of skill level.

Each hole is expertly shoehorned in between a variety of hazards, but mostly water and more water. It is a course that’s great all year round. As a bonus though, it seems to be one of the first courses to open and last ones closed so I have frequently played it with a toque and gloves. By midsummer, the fescue is knee high and the reeds tower above your head making the shortcuts a bigger gamble than other bay area courses like Cobble Beach or Lora Bay.  If the driver is misbehaving, consider holstering it or make sure your ball supply is flush and give’er blue river. You can walk away from the long holes with a respectable par playing conservatively or cut the pond-laden corners in pursuit of brag worthy birdies. 

No secrets about it either. The first hole, the warm-up, the mood setter, the welcome mat has a water hazard that is bigger than and parallels the entire fairway. No pressure.

Of the four Golf North properties I have played this one is in the best shape. Tournaments I’ve played in here have been a blast. Beginners are rewarded with small victories along a challenging track and the experts get to show off some strategy and ball control. The staff have always been great no matter the occasion. Grab a local craft brew, something from the BBQ and take in the views from the back porch. 

If you’re early or not quite ready to head home after 18 you’re in luck. Full driving range, chipping and bunker green, and putting green. Trust me, you will want to get a feel for these greens. No excuses!